What Is IT Management?

IT management is a growing field with strong career prospects. This article explains the basics of IT management and shows why it might be the career for you.

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According to CIO Magazine, one of the best ways to measure the ROI for IT management is to identify its impact. In particular, this means creating a narrative about how it changes the way your organization operates.

But, what if that's the problem you have today? How do you define whether this type of investment makes sense?

It's necessary to define how this service can change your information technology systems. Answering some essential questions can often make the answers to critical questions clear.

Get started on this journey today by learning how others use IT management in the following sections.

Definition of IT Management

IT management refers to monitoring computer systems and administering their functions.

For small businesses, this may involve the maintenance of a few laptops and an individual server. Enterprise-level organizations may have more concerns about the architecture that supports their operations.

No matter the size, hardworking people can develop a high-paying career in IT management, and with good reason. They're worth the time and effort because they keep essential tools from falling apart and hurting the bottom line.

What Can IT Management Companies Do for Their Clients?

If these organizations manage your IT concerns for you, what does that include? Where the list of services begins and ends may decide whether this endeavour is worth the investment or not. Consider this summary of the most common options, but do take the time to look for a complete guide as well:


An IT management company can act as a third-party provider of your communications. They often provide remote management of everything from servers to routers and switches. In some cases, they can also come on-site to ensure that your network hums along without interruption.

Support Services

You can think of support services as being the traditional model of IT help. During the day or after hours, a provider can troubleshoot software or hardware under this model.

If you rely on a custom program that many others don't have, you can find firms that will do their best to support it regardless. This type of help may take some time to analyze your current environment and its functions, however.


One of the most crucial functions IT managers can serve is keeping your data and reputation safe. A few of the ways they accomplish this feat are the following:

  • Network security monitoring
  • Firewall services
  • Managed backup of your data
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam software

Nobody wants to be in the headlines for a nasty data breach. Hacks of private information continue to plague the news, and no one is immune from becoming the next victim.


The amount of hardware you need to keep an organization humming can get overwhelming fast. It's often worth the investment to have professionals that can manage your laptops, printers, or servers.

Cloud Infrastructure

Many professionals in the 2020s need some level of cloud infrastructure for their efforts. They may need a simple CRM to ERP integration. Or, they could have sprawling needs across the enterprise.

In any case, having someone with IT management experience in virtual servers can become a dire need. If you want to keep someone on your team up to speed, you'll want to look for several crucial qualities in their training.

IT Consulting

What happens if your team has trouble solving a sticky problem?

Anyone can benefit from having a fresh pair of experienced eyes join their team. This fact also applies to managing a change that will affect everyone in your organization.

A couple of job titles you'll notice for this service include Technical or Functional Consultant. You may find some exceptional professionals who can claim a history of success performing both jobs.

A technical consultant tends to focus on the design or operations of your infrastructure. For example, they would be crucial to the success of a migration from an on-site server to the cloud.

In contrast, a functional expert understands how to customize software "out of the box." They commonly get involved with tasks like switching to a new Enterprise Resource Planning software package.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

There's no shortage of companies ready to provide you with a solution that you never have to update or fuss over again. A few sought-after examples of Software as a Service are:

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Accounting Software
  • Email Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Many organizations today rely on software like Microsoft 365 for their daily operations. While these programs may be your entire world, there's another universe of options out there.

What Are the Advantages of Using IT Management Services?

So, is using the help of a third-party information technology manager a wise business decision? Some common advantages that other organizations enjoy include:

  • Predictable spending
  • Fast response times
  • On-demand expertise
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced liability risk from security services

Like other consulting services, the ultimate answer depends on the scope of your efforts. Consider a middle-market manufacturer for a few moments.

Imagine that Manufacturer X has outdated software they depend on for their operations. After hiring an IT management firm, they can update the program and move it into a secure cloud. With fewer hiccups and hair-pulling in accounting, they could easily see more profits going forward.

Want to Know Even More About IT Management?

IT management is a third-party service that only you can judge its worth to your efforts. You may hire them to take care of everything. Or, you can use their expertise for a short-term project. Whether you need help with software or hardware, you may find a strong return on investment.

Do you want advice from one of our experts with IT management training at Advised Skills? Ask us a question today through our website!

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