Are PRINCE2 Courses Worth It? (The Answer Is Yes)

Are PRINCE2 Courses Worth It? (The Answer Is Yes)

Ready to stop researching online: are PRINCE2 courses worth it? If so, the answer is yes. Learn everything you need to know about it today. 

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To see the rise of the qualified project manager in business, look at this statistic. By 2027, experts predict organisations will want to hire as many as 88 million project management (1) roles worldwide. 

If you chose a career in project management because it had promise, pat yourself on the back. Your intuition certainly looks correct.

Of course, that's just the starting point. To get the role of your dreams, you'll need to have a respected qualification to your name.

You have probably heard of PRINCE2, but what is it, and is that the best qualification for you? This guide will reveal all before you make your decision. 

PRINCE2 In a Nutshell

PRINCE2 is a project management framework.

It applies a consistent method and order for running projects, often with formal procedures and documentation. That ensures that any PRINCE2 manager delivers any project with the same approach.

PRINCE2 sits comfortably within many large organisations. They follow the structured approach of PRINCE2, moving from one phase to another using stages.

Big organisations also like PRINCE2's adherence to defined, fairly strict roles and responsibilities within a project. It's clear who does what and when. 

The most important word in the PRINCE2 world is control. Applying PRINCE2 means you control the progress and flow of a project. Follow it to the letter, and you might help prevent a runaway, failing project. 

PRINCE2 Benefits

The Two PRINCE2 Qualifications

If you've ever browsed PRINCE2 qualifications, you'll spot that providers typically offer two choices. Here are the two PRINCE2 qualifications you can earn: 

PRINCE2 Foundation

Maybe you lack project management experience or work in a non-managerial project position. If so, the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is your best starting point.

The foundational PRINCE2 certification is a straightforward introduction to the PRINCE2 framework. 

If you don't have a project management certification, you can take the foundation exam to prepare for the practitioner qualification. 

PRINCE2 Practitioner

The practitioner qualification is the one that businesses will ask for when seeking a project manager who is PRINCE2 qualified.

The exam and course are difficult and cover everything about the PRINCE2 framework, including processes, terms, documents, and principles.

People know that the practitioner qualification is a challenge. It's a prestigious certification to add to your resume if you want to impress employers. 

The Benefits of PRINCE2 Qualifications

Is PRINCE2 worth the time and effort? What follows are the more notable benefits you should know before deciding: 

You'll Command a Higher Salary

On average, managers with a PRINCE2 qualification earn $106,000 (2).

Do you want a long-term career in project management that goes beyond entry-level, junior roles?

If you want to advance in your career and earn a good salary, you should consider getting a qualification like PRINCE2.

Earning a high salary is very possible with a PRINCE2 qualification and years of project management experience. 

More Job Opportunities in Growing Sectors

PRINCE2 is used widely across various sectors, including government, charity, health, finance, defence, and IT.

You won't be short of career opportunities with a PRINCE2 qualification, even when attempting to move into a new industry sector.

To test this theory, try searching for PRINCE2 jobs on big job sites and see the sheer number of results you get with that keyword.

You'll be surprised at how in demand this qualification is worldwide, and you'll also notice that for some employers, especially when advertising senior project manager posts, it's mandatory. 

A Proven and Respected Framework to Deliver Projects

An external body, owned by Axelos, governs PRINCE2. It oversees the framework and brand name.

That means that there is one standard, so everyone undertaking PRINCE2 training will learn the same processes and methodology.

PRINCE2 training companies need to abide by specific standards and use official PRINCE2 material in their lessons.

There is a PRINCE2 textbook that covers the entire framework. It's something you will go through in detail during the practitioner course.

With those strict standards, a PRINCE2 qualification on your resume will be the same wherever you are in the world. And irrespective of where you received your training. So it is highly respected by organisations.

You Don't Need Prior Experience

You don't need project management experience to apply for PRINCE2 foundational training, unlike other qualifications.

Suppose you are still in the entry-level stage of your career.

If that happens, it's a great chance to start your career in project management by showing you have the right qualification.

PRINCE2 Alternatives: Which Is Best for You?

Before choosing PRINCE2, most project executives will compare PRINCE2 Vs. PMP, and PRINCE2 Vs. Agile. Here's a short guide to how they differ. 


PMP is an alternative framework delivered under the PMI (Project Management Institute) organisation.

A significant difference between the two is that PMP is more of general guidance on how to run a project.

In contrast, PRINCE2 provides a structured framework to apply to your project and the organisation surrounding a project delivery team. 

PRINCE2 Vs. Agile

Agile became popular in the IT sector, particularly amongst development teams, for its flexible, iterative process.

Agile is an umbrella term and covers a range of similar methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, and XP.

While Agile is popular in the high-tech industry, other industries haven't widely adopted it.

Are PRINCE2 Courses Worth Your Time?

If you want a career in project management, PRINCE2 is a respected qualification that you should consider as your first step.

Even if you don't need PRINCE2 in your current role, you'll probably find that the framework will help you create a more organised approach to your projects. Something that won't go unnoticed by your employer. 

At AdvisedSkills, we have created one of the easiest ways for you to get started with your first PRINCE2 qualification.

Head here to book your fully online PRINCE2 course with us and take your first big step to a flourishing project management career. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): PRINCE2

  1. What is PRINCE2?
    PRINCE2 is a project management framework that provides a structured method for running projects with formal procedures and documentation​​.
  2. What are the qualifications offered in PRINCE2?
    PRINCE2 offers two main qualifications: Foundation and Practitioner, with Foundation being suitable for those new to project management, and Practitioner for more experienced individuals​​.
  3. What are the benefits of PRINCE2 qualifications?
    Benefits include higher salary prospects, more job opportunities across various sectors, and recognition due to a standardized framework​​.
  4. Do I need prior project management experience to take PRINCE2 courses?
    No, you don't need prior experience to apply for PRINCE2 foundational training​.
  5. How does PRINCE2 compare to other project management frameworks like PMP and Agile?
    PRINCE2 is a structured, process-driven framework with defined roles, PMP is rooted in broad project management knowledge areas and follows PMBOK guidelines, while Agile promotes iterative, flexible, and collaborative approaches to project management.
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