Top Skills For 2022

Top Skills For 2022

2022 is approaching! Upcoming New Year brings new opportunities, such as getting a desired job, promotion, and an improved skillset. If you are looking for development in 2022 there are several things that you can do to boost your career and your chances of success. 

The most important of these is a strong and effective CV that reflects useful skills that are in demand on the job market. Read our article to delve into the topic and discover the best skills for 2022 to get your CV noticed.

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​1. Communication Skills

No matter what industry you are in, communication skills are always essential. Your future employers will take a look at them and analyse from the beginning, starting with your aplication, through job interview, to your actual way of working. Nowadays, remote work is part of many businesses, that's why your proficeincy with online communication is a must-have. Smoothly navigating through platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Slack, etc. will be a big plus for you. It will proof that you are ready to cooperate remotely without bigger issues. To show your future employer that you are experienced user of online communication tools, you can use one of those keywords in your CV: Collaboration, Teamwork, Interpersonal. 


If you can handle the problem right away when it comes up - you are a desirable team member! Problem-solving skill might improve your CV, especially when you will be able to highlight it, by showing a proof for it. That way, you will increase your chances of getting your aplication noticed. 

Besides problem-solving, it is nice to own a component of critical thinking, which means that you not only can solve problems, but also analyse them, question and evaluate in order to prevent your team in the future. 

3. Adaptability

Adaptability is a very desired skill, especially today, when the pandemic situation is constantly changing and companies are forced to adapt to the latest events and rules. The desired employee is one who is flexible and easily adapts to current situations. Therefore, adaptability is a very attractive quality that employers look for in their candidates, which is why you should definitely emphasize it in your CV. When you do it, your future employer will see that you possess versatile skills and creativity, leading to greater flexibility.

4. Project Management

Couple years ago, the skills of effective project management resided only to people in leadership roles. But recently, this skill has also become helpful for employees in other positions. The reason behind is simple. Many tasks are a part of larger project, so so showing you’re capable of managing it from the beginning, when the concept of the project is created, until its completion is very important.

While creatng or upgrading you CV, you should think of the way to show your understanding of the crucial components of effective project management. Here you have a space to show your abilities, such as workflows, known processes, sticking to deadlines and ability to analyse the risks.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Another desired quality is emotional intelligence. It is basically the ability to understand and manage your emotions in a positive way, which will lead to effective communication and collaboration between the team members. Ability to deal with stress and possible conflicts will make your work easier and will protect you from being part of negative situations and help you get through any challenges. With this quality you will colaborate with your co-workers in a nice atmosphere, which can save your from unnecesary disagreements. To check if you have well-developed emotional intelligence you can take a quick test. So, don't forget about highlighting emotional intelligence as part of your skillset in your CV!

6. Technical Know-How

Technology has earned its place in the business world and proficiency in technological area can really make you stand out from other candidates. What will definitely come useful are the foundamentals, like knowledge of different operating systems and ability to use the internet fast and effective. But there are also other, more advance technical skills that will make you appear as professional. For example epxertise in digital marketing, social media, UX, data analysis or AI. Therefore, if don't have experience in any of that areas yet, maybe it is the right time to change it, by attending an online course. 

Boost your skills in 2022!

We covered the top 6 skills that you should focus on in 2022. Including them in your CV will increase your chances of getting your dream job or changing your position in current one. 

If you want to boost your career, choose from many courses and improve your skillset in 2022.

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