Agile Adoption and Development Trends: Surprising Statistics 2022

Agile Adoption and Development Trends: Surprising Statistics 2022

Now that 86% of software development teams use the Agile model, the astonishing performance numbers are in. Take a look at where Agile adoption is at.

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Agile project management is all the rage these days. One reason is that 60% of companies reported profit growth after agile adoption! That number is expected to grow as Agile implementation continues to increase.

If you're looking to explore Agile fully, we're here to help. Keep reading to discover some surprising Agile adoption and development statistics!

Benefits of Agile

The benefits of agile development help it stand out from other methods. Agile provides companies with a performative and adaptable strategy that enables rapid development and adaptability.

1. Project Success Rate

The most significant benefit of agile adoption is the project success rate. With proper management, agile reduces the potential failure rate of a given project astronomically, and only 9% of agile-led projects fail.

When compared to the waterfall methodology, the benefits are clear. Over 29% of waterfall projects fail. Success rates are essential to continued development.

2. Increased Productivity

The productivity of a team is often used as a measurement of success. Agile teams are over 25% more productive when compared to other project management methods. Companies seeking increased productivity often turn to agile for this reason.

3. Adaptability

Adapting to changes is a critical necessity in project management. Using agile helps companies adapt to customer needs, changes within the company, or external factors like the pandemic.

Agile Adoption Is On The Rise

Project management is critical to operational success, no matter what industry a company is in. Everything from manufacturing to software development has a lifecycle or production cycle. Project management isn't just about the product or service, however.

Managing a team and keeping them on track also falls under project management. A good team needs goals and objectives while remaining adaptable to any changes to succeed.

Agile has outpaced most competitors, although many philosophies exist when approaching project management. The benefits of agile outweigh its cons and position it above others, making it a high-demand skill. Its adoption has more than doubled since the beginning of the pandemic.

Project Managers in Demand

As more companies increase agile adoption, so too does the need for project managers with related skills. Heading up product or software teams in an agile environment requires experience and training with agile skills.

Individuals with these skills are in high demand across every industry. As more companies adopt agile, the need for project managers will continue to grow.

Project managers have a lot of responsibilities on their plate, and keeping a project on track requires a compatible skillset. Continuing education and earning certificates is a good way for project managers to stand out.

Distributed Teams

Since the pandemic, remote work has increased, and managing distributed teams and remote workers are necessary for success. Although remote work has been around for a while, it's no longer an exception.

As remote work has become the norm, businesses must adapt their project management to support it. An excellent agile adoption strategy is necessary for companies to cater to remote workers.

Cloud-based Solutions are in Demand

Managing a project is a huge undertaking. Many services exist to assist companies with managing their projects. Cloud-based services are growing in popularity as more businesses shift to remote work.

No matter what industry it is, cloud solutions enable any project's efficient management and development. Agile adoption was more limited to software and development teams in the past. Now, every industry is turning to cloud solutions for their agile teams.

Value Stream Management

Value stream management gains momentum as an essential focus in software development, though it is beginning to gain traction in other industries. 50% of organisations are looking to implement some form of VSM in their agile workflow.

VSM's goal is to quantify every step of the project to ensure value is provided to the customer. Ensuring that the customer is satisfied drives future sales. For software-as-a-service, providing value ensures the customer remains a subscriber.

VSM searches for ways to improve value for the customer and eliminate processes that don't provide that value. It enables project managers to evaluate each process and step along the way. Adapting to changes or cutting processes helps teams remain agile.

Agile Projects Fail From Poor Management

The benefits of agile make it a compelling choice for any company. However, not every project succeeds. When most agile projects fail, it's because of poor management.

Companies invest in their teams to head them up with project managers to combat project failure. Ensuring success isn't just about adopting the best tools; it's also about providing good leadership.

Good leadership ensures teams achieve success. Without competent leadership, projects fail, and teams flounder. A good project manager heads their team up for a successful project, no matter the difficulties.

Scaling Agile

One of the only difficulties of adopting agile is scaling it up for larger teams. Although agile brings about many benefits for both teams and the company, scaling it across multiple groups has been difficult in the past.

Alterations to the method and project management software have enabled companies to scale agile, adapting to growing teams and changing processes. Using agile across larger organisations has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Although many improvements have been made, there's still room for more growth. Project managers should look to the future for cloud solutions that continue to grow with scalability in mind. They should also work with their teams to address problem areas and increase value.

Learn Agile

Agile is only growing, and so is the need for project managers and team members with agile experience. One of the best ways to get into agile is a certification!

Certifications prove your knowledge and let potential employers know you can perform in an agile environment. If you have any questions about agile adoption or earning a certificate, contact us today!


Agile Adoption Statistics

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