Project Manager Salary

Project Manager Salary: Your Guide

Do you want to find a well-paying career in technology? Learn what the average project manager salary is and decide if you should pursue this job!

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Did you know that by 2027 there are expected to be around 22 million new positions for project managers? The specialty is clearly in high demand and some of the salaries associated are also in the high ranges. With a project manager salary being used to form a lot of the popularity and interest around this field, specialized training makes it more possible for you to secure that salary expectation.

There are multiple disciplines within project management, making it the perfect career to be customized to your skills or interests. Keep reading to find out exactly what a project manager does, why the career choice is so in demand and why the salary is so high.

The Average Project Manager Salary

Overall, the national average for a project manager salary is $134,103. There are many situations where this will fluctuate as well because different states have different average ranges. For example, the national average for a project manager in IT is around $100,466 and the average salary for a project manager in construction is about $83,428.

Of course, this can also fluctuate based on your location, level of experience, and your negotiation skills. To make money as a project manager oftentimes, it's very easy to negotiate for an even higher salary. This is because your expertise is so valued and in demand.

For example on how salary can differ; an entry-level project manager role in Los Angeles can reach as high of a salary as $110,000. A role that requires a mid or senior level project manager could pay even more than that. This shows the level of scalability within the field.

What Does a Project Manager Actually Do?

A project manager is responsible for the successful completion of a project. This means they are in charge of its planning and implementation. The project manager also oversees the execution of the project.

This role typically reports to a senior manager or executive. A project manager's duties include creating timelines and assigning tasks to team members. Other duties also include tracking progress, and focusing on quality control.

What Could A Day As A Project Manager Look Like?

The day-to-day duties of a project manager can vary depending on the size and scope of the project being worked on. However, there are some common duties that all project managers perform daily. Some of these duties include:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss project details
  • Gathering requirements from stakeholders and keeping them up to date
  • Market or audience research
  • Creating project plans and timelines
  • Assigning tasks to team members
  • Tracking progress and risks
  • Ensuring quality control
  • Reporting to upper management

The day of a project manager can fluctuate, duties vary and some roles may even require some travel. Also, most of the tasks that a project manager would perform can be done from anywhere. This makes the profession great to get into if you want to work remotely and travel or have the opportunity to work from where you choose.

Why Is the Salary for a Project Manager So High?

The project manager's salary is often in the higher range because the role is in such high demand. With more and more businesses relying on technology to complete tasks and processes, the need for someone who understands how to manage and oversee these projects has increased.

Additionally, project manager pay is high because the role requires specialized skills. It also requires targeted knowledge and the ability to be versatile.

To be a successful project manager, you need to have strong organizational skills, be able to communicate effectively, and have a good understanding of technology or general project workflows. The overall need for those that understand the processes of project management is increasing on a global scale. There are also a lot of remote opportunities in the industry. This makes it a great way for those with remote work experience and management knowledge to transition into the industry.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Project Manager?

In addition to the high salary, there are many other benefits to being a project manager. For starters, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries. You can also choose to specialize in different areas of project management, such as construction, information technology, PMO management, event planning, or even engineering.

Additionally, as a project manager, you will have the chance to work with a variety of people, from team members to clients. This role also provides the opportunity for growth and advancement within an organization. Not only that, a project management career could allow you to structure the role as an independent contractor or freelancer making general project management or consulting a great area to get into.

The Different Types of Project Management Roles

There are various types of project management roles that you can pursue. For example, you could be a construction project manager, responsible for overseeing the construction of a new building, home, or multi-site operation.

You could also be a marketing project manager focusing on advertising tactics. Other types of project managers could be:

  • Systems project manager
  • Electrical project manager
  • Architectural project manager

You could even be an event project manager, responsible for planning and executing a large-scale event. Or, if you want to break into technology and combine it with leading projects you could act as an IT project manager responsible for the successful implementation of a new software system. While there are multiple disciplines to decide from or even combine there are also different forms of project management.

You will have different methodologies that you can choose between as well. Your usual options will be scrum, waterfall, or lean and six sigma approaches. This also shows the variety that is available within project management and the opportunities that you'd have to learn, experiment, and practice with implementation.

Learn the Skills That Will Put You Ahead

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