How to Apply for the PMP

How to Apply for the PMP

If you want a PMP certification, you need to learn how to apply and fill out a PMP application. Discover what to know here.

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Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is on the rise.

There are a few things you should know if you plan on completing the PMP application. Primarily, the Project Management Institute must confirm your years of experience and education in project management.

Keep reading to learn more about how to apply for the PMP exam.

Why Choose PMP Certification

Project management is an excellent way to earn a considerable salary. The PMP credential is the top project management certification in the world. It now includes agile, hybrid, and predictive project management approaches.

PMP certification can supercharge your career, no matter your field. It’s proof for potential employers of your project leadership and expertise.

The certification helps organisations find project managers who know how to work smarter. This exceptional group of certified professionals also performs better than noncertified PMs.

Today, you can earn PMP certification at your convenience. You can take the PMP exam in your home or office when it fits your schedule.

The PMP Application: Getting Started

You must create a account to begin the PMP process. You would complete and submit your online application after creating your account.

You must wait for confirmation you’ve included all information once you’ve finished the application. You may also need to complete audit materials if the PMI chooses you for an audit.

The next step is to pay the credential fee. You can start preparing for the exam once you reach this point. All that’s left to do now is to schedule and pass the exam.

Let’s have a closer look at things you need to know before applying for the PMP certification exam.

Prerequisites for the Exam

You should make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for PMP certification before applying. The PMI bases eligibility requirements on your education level.

For instance, you must have 36 months of non-overlapping professional project management leadership experience if you have a four-year degree. You must also have 35 hours of project management training.

You must have 60 months of non-overlapping professional project management experience if you have an associate degree or high school diploma. However, you only need the same 35 project management training hours as a four-year university graduate.

It’s important to note you can’t count participation in PMI chapter meetings as training hours. You also can’t count self-directed learning for your educational hours.

Pre-Exam Points to Consider

You can only list professional project leadership roles for consideration for qualifying PMP certification hours. Your project management experience can’t include personal projects. For example, the PMI will not consider the following as professional project management experience:

  • Academic research for a degree program
  • Home improvement projects
  • Newsletter creation
  • Your wedding

It’s also important the time spent in these roles doesn’t represent standard daily operations. The roles you list as qualifying hours must be temporary. They must also produce one or more unique deliverables.

They should include routine or operational tasks. You should also omit administrative tasks and related responsibilities from your application.

More Pre-Exam Considerations

You must also ensure the roles you list on your application are leadership roles rather than team participant roles. The PMI Exam Content Outline highlights the role of a project manager.

You should review this document if you plan to sit for PMP certification. Use it to confirm the hours for roles you served working on projects.

You must also ensure your experience doesn’t overlap. It’s possible you may have worked on more than one project at a time. You can only list the time spent on one of those projects.

Completing the Online Application

You can access the PMP certification application by logging into your PMI online account. The website will ask you for some basic information. It will also ask you questions about your eligibility.

You may not have time to complete the entire questionnaire. You can save your progress and finish later if this is the case.

Let’s take a last look at some of the main sections you need to complete for your application.

Finishing Up With the Application

The experience section is where you must list your project experience. You’d start with your most recent project.

The PMI website will calculate your total months. It will also make sure none of your listed experience overlaps.

You must include information about each project. This information includes:

  • Project title
  • Organisation
  • Job title
  • Functional reporting area
  • The primary focus of the organisation
  • Project management approach
  • Team size

The PMI might select you for an audit after you submit your information. Audit selection is random. You’ll simply need to provide any requested documentation to support your application.

This information could include copies of your diploma. It might also include signatures from the managers of the projects you’ve led.

Choosing a Qualified PMP Training Program

It’s critical to participate in an accredited course that addresses today’s project management learning objectives. You’ll satisfy the education requirements for PMP certification by participating in an accredited course.

It helps to look for a PMI-authorised training partner. You might also seek training through a distance-learning company with a stellar online reputation.

Let Us Help You Prepare for PMP Certification

You now know more about completing the PMP application. If you’re looking for an accredited PMI training partner, look no further than Advised Skills.

We’re one of the fastest-growing learning organisations in the world. It’s our mission to deliver top-notch training to professionals across the globe. We offer educational services that will help you develop your skills and capabilities.

Feel free to learn more about our current project management courses.

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