The Best Project Management Courses To Do

The Best Project Management Courses To Do in 2022

Adding project management skills to your CV can help make your application stand out. Here are a few of the best project management courses to do in 2022.

Do you feel complacent in your current role? Sometimes it's hard to imagine how you could move up in a corporate role without an advanced degree. 

You might already be doing work that's above your pay grade, but don't have the title or promotion to match. One way to demonstrate that you deserve not just a promotion but a massive raise is through obtaining a specialised certification to prove your worth in the role.

The median salary for project management roles is $161,408. How much project managers can make depends on the size of the company and what industry they work in. 

Keep reading to learn more about online courses that will prepare you for the PMP exam.

How Do You Advance Your Career

Becoming competitive as a project manager requires combining years of practical experience with valuable, comprehensive education. Most project managers got into their roles by working their way up the corporate ladder.

They became a part of different projects and demonstrated that they were good team players. Eventually, they had the opportunity to take on a leadership role on a project team. Going the experiential route to break into project management takes several factors. 

It requires years of networking, developing relationships, and taking the initiative to take on more challenging roles. Your skills have been tested and you can show evidence of your accomplishments. 

However, you might take some of those steps more quickly if you find the right certification program. 

Is the Certification Program Accredited

When you spend a significant amount of your time and money on something, you want to make sure it's legitimate. Especially because the purpose of a project management course is to offer you valuable returns in the form of more leadership opportunities, future promotions, and a higher salary.

The top project management courses receive accreditation from globally-recognized organisations. The most well-known organisation is the Project Management Institute (PMI). They have robust standards for curricula and project hours. Both programs culminate in certification exams.

The Project Management Institute offers several certifications including:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)
  • PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
  • PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)

The above examples show just some of the certifications PMI gives out. The PMP is the most common title to pursue. But PMI offers several options for more specialized project management skills to help you become well-rounded. 

The exams draw from standard practices and knowledge within the field. They can be hard, so you want to take a course that will best prepare you to pass successfully.

The Best Project Management Courses

Advised Skills is a PMI learning partner. This means that the courses we offer have been specifically designed to prepare students to pass the PMI certification exam.

All project management courses have the following features:

  • working in group projects
  • multimedia presentations
  • practice tests
  • hands-on workshops
  • case studies

Our courses provide thorough professional education and preparation for students. 99% of students who completed our courses passed the PMI exams. So this is guaranteed to be worth investing time and money into if you want to get ahead in your career.

Let's discuss some of our top project management courses below.

Agile PM Foundation and Practitioner Courses

When getting your certification in project management, you have the option of choosing specialised learning paths. Agile Project Managers take a different approach to traditional project management methods.

Agile project management incorporates principles of agile management. For agile management, you take a larger project and break it down into smaller portions. Each portion of the project gets completed in cycles over time.

This lets teams make improvements on projects as they move through the different cycles. Each portion has a beginning-middle-end which lets PMs reevaluate their processes each time.

Breaking down projects in this way lets projects be completed faster and with improved results. Companies also save money when they can fix gaps and errors during the lifespan of the project, instead of having to start a whole new project after the fact.

Each course takes two days to complete and is taken separately. They let students gain skills in the foundations of project management and how it works with agile management practices.

The Practitioner course builds on skills gained in the Foundations course. Students also learn how to apply agile principles to their work as project managers.

Both courses are taught by certified Agile PM trainers. Students receive an accredited certificate at the end of each course. These courses prepare them for both the Agile PM Foundation Exam and the Practitioner Exam.

PMI Authorised PMP Exam Preparation

For those who feel ready to take one of the PMP Exams to receive official recognition from PMI, this four-day course will prove to be immensely helpful. While it has a steep upfront investment of $1,598.50 for the whole course, you will be paid back in dividends once you've successfully passed your exam.

This course prepares you for the skills you need to pass the PMP exam while also letting students apply the following skills:

  • soft skills for leading teams
  • essential business tools for management
  • techniques for measuring project budget estimates
  • scheduling projects
  • organizational strategy

You can check out all the PMI-certified courses offered by Advised Skills on our site.

Prince2 6th Edition Foundation and Practitioner Courses

Another globally recognised programme is known as Prince2. This organization has its own methodology for project management. This will help you gain skills to succeed in any industry or company.

Prince2 has been gaining in popularity because its framework can be applied generally anywhere. It currently is recognized in over 150 countries. 

These courses help those who have years of project management experience or want to start their project management career. Students finish preparing to take the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner level exams to get certified. 

You will learn skills in the following areas, such as:

  • delegating roles to staff
  • learning how to troubleshoot and reporting
  • handle risks, resources, and deliverables
  • coordinating stakeholders
  • working with stakeholders

You can find all the online courses Advised Skills offers for project management on our site.

Jumpstart Your Future by Taking Charge of Your Career

Continuing education has proven to drive career advancement and financial success for professionals. It offers opportunities for growth and networking in your field. 

Advised Skills classes teach project management as well as many other courses to train business leaders.

Contact us today to sign up for a course.

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