Scaled Agile Exam Prep Tips for Certification

Beyond Agile Training: Scaled Agile Exam Prep Tips for Certification

Have you almost completed your Agile training? Are you looking to get ready for the exam? Click here for some tips that will help you succeed.

You might have enjoyed your Agile training, but are you ready to turn that knowledge into an impressive new qualification on your resume?

Passing an Agile exam isn't a walk in the park. Agile is a detailed framework, and even the most experienced Agile students need to do thorough exam prep if they want to excel.

Here is a complete guide to fully prepping for your upcoming Agile exam and passing it with flying colors.

Ask Your Trainer 

Before you finish your training, use that time wisely by preparing a set of questions for your Agile trainer.

Experienced trainers are happy to answer questions and understand that some topic areas need a bit of extra clarification. So prepare a set of specific questions, and approach your trainer at the end of a session. 

Review Your Agile Training Course Overview

Good Agile exam prep means being thorough. The best way to ensure you prep for every topic is to review the course overview from your Agile training course before you get into the detail.

That will give you a list of areas to tick off your revision list to avoid inadvertently forgetting a topic. After all, passing an exam means being ready for any exam question that might pop up on the day. 

Plan Your Revision Timetable

Once you know what you are going to revise, it's time to create your revision timetable. 

It doesn't matter whether this is physical or electronic. The most important feature of a practical timetable is that it should be easy enough for you to commit to and follow.

When structuring your time, be realistic.

You might feel confident that you can stretch to a two-hour study session. But if you know you concentrate better in 20-minute blocks, do that instead. It's crucial that you are honest with yourself about your typical work patterns.

Don't forget about other responsibilities. While Agile test prep might mean a few late nights, if you have commitments you can't get out of, make sure you include that time in your plan. 

Review the Handbook

Once you have your timetable, it's time to get into the detailed prep. Your first step is reviewing your Agile Certified Practioner handbook.

Your Agile trainer may have supplied you with the handbook at the start of your course. Since the exam questions will reflect content from this book, it must be your primary information source when revising.

The handbook for the PMI ACP exam will also provide you with an outline of the exam procedures. It's helpful to read through these policies as that will help you dodge any unwelcome surprises on the actual exam day. 

That's not to say you shouldn't use secondary sources. Agile, after all, is designed for the real world. And secondary sources might give you insight that will help you produce more thoughtful answers in the exam. 

Take Notes

A study carried out by Princeton University found that students who take detailed written notes during a course recall more information than those who don't and those who store notes electronically. 

If you haven't taken notes during the training, it's not too late. As you review each section of the Agile handbook, write down key points from each section on paper. 

Once you have written your notes, review each section before you move on to the next topic. That will help reinforce your learning and cement that new knowledge in your long-term memory. 

Use a Study Guide

A study guide is a fantastic investment when you want to ace an exam. But students often make the mistake of buying a study guide at the 11th hour to consolidate their knowledge.

Instead, be proactive. Purchase an Agile study guide before starting your exam prep, and review it at the end of each revision session.

With this approach, the study guide will support your existing exam prep. It will help you understand some of the more complex topics you might have only covered superficially during your revision. 

Buddy up With Another Student

Revising with others has plenty of great benefits. Firstly, when talking through knowledge and ideas out loud, you'll naturally develop a greater understanding of some of the Agile concepts and methods at a detailed level.

Secondly, a buddy is going to keep you motivated with your revision and avoid procrastination. Exam revision can feel tedious and repetitive, and even the most committed student will find themselves eager to take a break and relax.

Once you commit to studying with another student, it's far harder to drop that exam prep time. 

Concentrate on Your Weakest Areas

When reviewing the Agile training, you'll uncover areas you don't fully understand or recall. When you've gone through your full revision timetable, it's time to sharpen your skills in your weakest topics. 

Use the resources you have available to do this. Check back with your notes, read through the study guide, and challenge your study partner with an informal question and answer session. 

Look at Sample Exam Papers

Now it's time to test your study progress. Download one or two sample exam papers and test yourself under formal exam conditions to see how your revision holds up under real Agile certification questions.

That will give you your final preparation before the official exam day. Don't forget to review your answers and revisit some of the areas you struggled to answer.  

It's Time to Get Prepped! 

Getting an Agile certification isn't rocket science, but it does involve some prep! Even with excellent Agile training, you still need to commit the time and effort to revise each topic thoroughly if you want to pass the exam.

Likewise, the most exemplary exam revision in the world is only as good as the teaching you received in the first place. So make sure you invest in the best Agile training.

Take a look at our Agile Center's course syllabuses and read through the list of top businesses who choose our market-leading training and certifications for their employees. 

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