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Reasons to Get a TOGAF Certification and How It Can Help You Move Forward in Your Career

Are you looking for the right way to advance your career? Click here for some great reasons you should get a TOGAF certification.

When it comes to IT careers, employers are no longer putting so much emphasis on your formal education. Rather, they are prioritising candidates that have the right career certificates. It goes without saying that the more certification you have, the better opportunities and career options there will be.

You've heard of CompTIA and CCNA, but have you heard of TOGAF? Though it is less common on certification websites, it is no less valuable. TOGAF certification positions you for career advancement and makes you an invaluable asset to your company.

If you don't know much about TOGAF, you come to the right place. Keep reading about what TOGAF is, and why you need it for your career development.

What Is TOGAF?

TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. In the simplest terms, this certifies you as an expert in designing, implementing, and managing large computer systems. 80% of some of the largest global companies make use of TOGAF to handle their frameworks.

TOGAF is a very high-level skill set. You make a plan, make it a reality, then keep the resultant system in check. Your success as a TOGAF administrator will determine how you reduce errors and maintain budgets.

This is a complex methodology with many specializations. Let's cover a few of the types of certificates under the TOGAF umbrella.

Business Architecture

Businesses are obviously the biggest clients for enterprise-level architecture. In this area, you would be in charge of everything from strategy to governance.

Data Architecture

Data assets can come in many complex forms. The company will often have unique databases for different data sets. Data architecture deals with making all these components play nicely together.

Applications Architecture

Applications, especially cloud solutions, are the bread and butter of modern companies. In this field, you would be working on interactions among the systems, and how well the business processes function.

Technical Architecture

This specialisation is a broad combination of network, hardware, and software. Your job here would be to make sure that mission-critical components function at all times.

Now that you know what TOGAF is, let's discuss why you should make an effort to get your TOGAF certification.

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TOGAF Experts Are in High Demand

In the IT industry, there are often a small handful of highly-skilled individuals that keep the gears turning. And naturally, these individuals are in short supply. The IT industry is always in search of new talent, but none more so than people like TOGAF professionals.

The Internet is forcing businesses to modernise. As such, many businesses are on the hunt for robust, future-proof architectures. They need someone who has a TOGAF certification to make this a reality.

Once they design these systems, they need people to run them. You could find yourself in a critical management position with long tenure. This will provide the experience you need to move up and up.

The more experience you get, the better opportunities you'll find. And the more pay you can negotiate during the interview.

It's Affordable to Get Your Certification

Tuition is not cheap, and inflation is set to make it more expensive than ever. The average IT degree can take about four years, forcing you to wait a long time before you can begin your career.

Even if you already have an IT degree, it could be expensive to take TOGAF courses at your university. Further, it might take an entire semester to get your certification. The cost per credit makes this the least budget-friendly option.

Full TOGAF certification, on the other hand, will be a bargain in comparison.

It's More Convenient to Take a TOGAF Certification Course and Test

Chances are, you have already begun your IT career. That means you are likely working a full-time job. There's not much time left over for your personal responsibilities, let alone a full semester of coursework and in-person classes.

Luckily, TOGAF certification allows you to knock out your certification much faster. You can do so from the comfort of your home with online courses and course materials.

This is a huge game changer, especially if you live in a remote location or far from a city centre. You'll have more flexibility with your already-busy lifestyle.

It's Recognised Across the Globe

What's great about IT careers is that they often transfer well to other countries. Your CompTIA certification is just as valuable in South Africa as it is in Sweden. Barring language barriers, you can work anywhere that it is a requirement.

TOGAF is no different. If you've dreamed of travelling abroad, rest assured that you'll be able to do so. This ability to manage architectures gives you options for when you may need to relocate.

It Allows You to Adapt to Employer Needs

Perhaps you are comfortable at your current company, but you want to advance up the ladder. Your company is going to fill new positions as time goes on. So why not prepare yourself for when management needs a new administrator?

Getting your TOGAF in advance makes you stand out from your colleagues. When your boss has to choose between you and the guy next to you, he'll want the person with TOGAF certification.

Get Your TOGAF Certification With Advised Skills

TOGAF may not sound familiar to those who are new to IT certifications, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. This certification prepares you for handling vast, disparate systems. It gives you excellent options for career advancement, as well as versatility and increased pay.

Advised Skills certifies IT professionals like you for a wide range of disciplines. We offer full TOGAF 9 courses, with exam vouchers upon completion. Check out our full course list for more information.

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His experience and knowledge come from many years of working for large corporations. Associated with Information Technology since the beginning of his career, he has qualifications in the fields of team management, Enterprise Architecture, IT Service Management, databases, application servers, and operating systems.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is TOGAF certification?
    TOGAF certification is a professional certification program offered by The Open Group, which validates the knowledge and skills of an individual in the field of enterprise architecture.
  2. How can TOGAF certification help in career advancement?
    TOGAF certification can help professionals in the field of enterprise architecture to enhance their knowledge and skills, increase their credibility, and improve their job prospects. It also opens up opportunities for higher pay and better job roles.
  3. Who can benefit from TOGAF certification?
    TOGAF certification can benefit individuals who work or aspire to work in the field of enterprise architecture, including enterprise architects, solution architects, application architects, technical architects, and project managers.
  4. What are the benefits of TOGAF certification for organizations?
    Organizations can benefit from having TOGAF certified professionals in their team, as they can help in developing and implementing enterprise architecture frameworks, ensuring consistency and alignment in IT systems, and improving overall efficiency and productivity.
  5. What are the different levels of TOGAF certification?
    The TOGAF certification program has two levels: TOGAF 9 Foundation and TOGAF 9 Certified. The Foundation level covers the basic concepts and terminology of enterprise architecture, while the Certified level tests the practical application of these concepts.
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