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Scrum Master Journey: PSM I, PSM II and APS

Scrum is a flexible, holistic approach that helps teams work together. A scrum team works on a product in small increments, with constant feedback and incremental improvements. This framework is ideal for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements. However, to utilize Scrum to its fullest potential, proper training and understanding of its fundamentals are crucial.

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Your Journey Begins with Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)

The PSM I course serves as a stepping stone for individuals eager to embark on their Scrum journey. This course imparts essential knowledge about the Scrum framework and the role of a Scrum Master within it. This course is great for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Scrum and understand why it is effective.

During this course, you'll get to understand the basics of Scrum, including its framework, roles, and events. Learn why the product owner, Scrum Master, and development team are crucial for creating valuable products through their collaboration.

Don't wait! Start your journey as a Scrum Master today by enrolling in the PSM I course.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level with Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II)

PSM II is designed for experienced Scrum practitioners aiming to enhance their knowledge and skills. The course delves deeper into the practical aspects of being a Scrum Master, including facilitating, coaching, and improving processes.

In the PSM II course, you'll learn about the challenges Scrum Masters face and how to handle them. You'll learn more about how teams work, how to help the development team and product owner, and how to facilitate effectively.

Experience a new level of Scrum mastery. Register for the PSM II course and become an expert Scrum practitioner.

Apply Scrum in Practice with Applying Professional Scrum (APS)

Applying Professional Scrum (APS) is a unique course that equips you with practical skills to effectively implement Scrum in your projects. The training focuses on practical exercises, allowing you to experience firsthand how Scrum works in real-life situations.

During the APS course, you'll gain insight into Scrum's effectiveness when dealing with complex problems. You'll also understand how to create a high-performing Scrum team that delivers valuable products.

Unleash the power of Scrum in your workplace. Sign up for the Applying Professional Scrum course and start applying Scrum in practice.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're just starting on your Scrum journey or looking to deepen your Scrum knowledge, these courses have something to offer. As Jeff Sutherland, one of the creators of Scrum, stated, "Greatness can't be imposed; it has to come from within. But it does live within all of us." With the right training, you can bring out the greatness within you and become a highly effective Scrum Master.

Here's a quick comparison of what each course covers:

Comparision of Professional Scrum Master and Applying Professional Scrum

Here's a short explanation of each category:

  • Scrum Framework: The structure that defines the roles, events, and artifacts in Scrum.
  • Scrum Values: The five values (commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect) that guide a Scrum team’s actions and decisions.
  • Role of the Scrum Master: The responsibilities and activities of a Scrum Master, who serves as a coach and facilitator in a Scrum team.
  • Facilitation and Coaching: Skills used to guide and support a team towards achieving their goals, resolving conflicts, and improving performance.
  • Team Dynamics: The behavioral relationships between members in a team that influence how the team works together.
  • Scaling Scrum: The application of Scrum in large and complex projects involving multiple teams.
  • Organizational Change: The process of managing change within an organization, often necessary when implementing or improving Scrum practices.
  • Practical Application of Scrum: The real-world implementation of Scrum principles and practices.

With a clear understanding of these categories, you can now choose the course that suits your needs better. Don't delay your journey to becoming a highly effective Scrum Master. Choose the course that suits your needs and register today to start harnessing the power of Scrum. Enroll in a course today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. Do I need any prior experience or knowledge to take the PSM I course?
    No, the PSM I course is designed for beginners and doesn't require any prior knowledge or experience in Scrum.
  2. Can I take the PSM II course without taking PSM I?
    While there is no strict prerequisite, it is strongly recommended that you have a good understanding of Scrum fundamentals before taking the PSM II course. PSM I provides these basics.
  3. What can I expect from the Applying Professional Scrum (APS) course?
    The APS course offers a practical approach to Scrum. You will learn by doing and gain hands-on experience in applying Scrum in real-life scenarios.
  4. Do I receive a certificate after completing the courses?
    Yes, after completing the PSM I and PSM II courses and passing the respective exams, you'll receive a certificate. For the APS course, passing an additional online exam is required to get a PSM I certificate.
  5. Are these courses only for people aiming to become Scrum Masters?
    While these courses are geared towards Scrum Masters, they can be beneficial to anyone working in a Scrum environment or wanting to understand the Scrum framework better.
  6. How are these courses delivered?
    The courses are typically delivered as interactive workshops, either in-person or online. The focus is on active learning, with plenty of discussions and exercises.
  7. I've taken the PSM I course; should I take the PSM II or the APS course next?
    It depends on your goals. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of Scrum theory and the Scrum Master role, PSM II is the next step. However, if you want to focus on practical applications and get hands-on experience, APS might be the better choice.
    These are some of the most common queries regarding PSM I, PSM II, and APS courses. For further information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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