Online Courses: How Do They Work?

Online Courses: How Do They Work?

Online education is a relatively new concept. Now that most people have access to internet and computers, you can easily learn how online courses work.

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The world is your classroom! With the rise of technology, growing your skills and improving your life is easier than ever. If you can turn on a computer or tablet, you can change your life. 

Online courses are here to stay, and they may be your ticket to self-improvement. Whether you're a professional student or haven't been in a classroom in a good, long while, the doors are the online classroom are wide open! Do you know enough about online learning to confidently step inside?

If you're thinking about giving online learning a shot, this article will help. Read on to learn the ins and outs of taking an online course and what you might expect. Your learning odyssey can start here!

What Is Synchronous Learning?

Synchronous learning is any learning that takes place "live." In the online or virtual classroom, this means that a teacher or instructor will be available to teach you on a specific date and at a specific time. Typically, these take place on popular video relay platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, or Skype. 

Because the teacher is present live, you will be able to interact as the class goes on. You can both ask and respond to questions in real-time. The majority of these platforms allow you to interact through video, audio or using a chatroom feature. 

Many video platforms allow the instructor to share his or her screen. This means they will be able to present and demonstrate in real-time. They will select visuals and materials to help bolster your understanding of concepts.

Often, synchronous learning allows you to discuss course content with other students. Your instructor may ask you to complete activities or assessments in your home. You will be able to share them with the group and receive feedback. 

Synchronous online courses can be highly interactive and even social! Many students report feeling as though they are in the same room as the instructor and other students. 

What Is Asynchronous Learning? 

In essence, asynchronous learning is self-directed learning that uses resources curated by an instructor. Some free online courses may be entirely asynchronous.

In the case of asynchronous instruction, your teacher will not be live. You will be able to access materials on your own time. There will not be a designated time or date in which your class "meets." 

Instead, you may watch videos or access selected reading materials. Some instructors may record lectures for you to listen to. There may be quizzes or assessments embedded into a learning platform to keep you on track. 

Asynchronous learning may be a supplemental part of many online synchronous courses. If you enrol in online coding courses, the instructor may ask you to demonstrate your understanding of skills through asynchronous "homework" assignments. These are usually in the form of skill demonstrations utilizing the skills and tools you are learning in class. 

Many online certificate courses will use asynchronous learning when it is time to assess your understanding. You may take a certification exam online using a virtual testing platform. Some platforms use virtual proctoring, which requires you to have your device's camera activated throughout the test. 

The Benefits of Online Courses

One of the benefits of online courses is flexibility. A wide and growing range of courses are available, and they are open to anyone with a little bit of time and access to technology. They are not limited to online college courses, either!


When taking an online course, you will not need to travel or commute to a school to fully engage in the course. This can save time and money, and open up opportunities to individuals around the world. You will be able to take the course in a comfortable, familiar setting.

You will not need to settle for the instructors or topics offered in your local region. You can pursue opportunities in almost any discipline. You will receive instructional support from professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate, regardless of location. 


It's also an excellent choice for individuals with unusual schedules. You can find online courses offered in many time zones. There is no reason why night owls cannot take a virtual course in a different time zone entirely!

For those with limited time, you can complete many online courses in your own time frame. This is particularly true of courses with asynchronous elements. You can take advantage of time-off and grow your skills quickly, or build skills slowly over a longer period. 

The Ideal Online Student

Because online courses are so flexible, they are a viable and accessible option for almost anyone. Almost any student can succeed during live, virtual synchronous classes. They allow you to ask questions throughout the class and receive immediate, personalized feedback.

Students who excel in online learning settings tend to have strong time management skills. This is particularly true in asynchronous courses or courses with homework or assignments. Without a designated "meeting time," you will need to find the time to work, study, and access course materials. 

Online courses are often as rigorous as in-person classes. If you enrol, you should expect to focus and work as hard as you would during an in-person course. If you have the time, the technology, and the focus, there is no reason why you cannot succeed in the online classroom!

Grow From Home With Advised Skills

Whether you want to learn juggling, writing, or coding, there are online courses available that can help. The flexibility might be your ticket to becoming the professional that you've always wanted to be. 

If your goal is to grow your business, Advised Skills offers courses that can transform your understanding of enterprise architecture, business process management, and more. With online courses offered in twenty countries and almost every spoken language, there is no reason why you can't begin today.

If you are ready to get started with Advised Skills, reach out today to learn more about the courses they offer. You might become the next graduate! 

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