Accredited Courses: How to Enhance Your Business Skills

Accredited Courses: How to Enhance Your Business Skills

There are plenty of ways to boost your business skills in today's ever-changing marketplace. Try this overview of accredited courses for more information.

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Great employees never stop learning. If you want to get ahead in the business world, either when aiming for a promotion or getting your first run on the career ladder, where do you need to put your time and effort?

You can start by taking accredited courses that will help you enhance your existing business skills.

Before you book yourself on a training program, discover in this article some of the available accreditations. And learn which courses are best for your skills and career.

Accredited Courses to Sharpen Your Business Analyst Skills

Perhaps you are a recent graduate or in an entry-level role. If you are looking to improve your analytical skills, business analyst training could be the perfect option for you.

Here are some fantastic business analyst accredited courses to explore.

Agile Business Analyst (Foundation)

This course prepares students for a business analyst role within the framework of Agile.

Agile is a popular project method used by forward-thinking organisations. Most notably, the tech industry. Businesses use Agile to bring new products and software to the market. 

foundation course is perfect if you are looking for your first business analyst role. It's also ideal if you have little to no experience in Agile.

Agile Business Analyst (Practitioner)

If you have some background in Agile or an existing foundational certification, your next step is to become qualified to practitioner level as an Agile business analyst

This course will walk you through how to apply the framework of Agile as a business analyst.

It will help you understand what an Agile-led organisation expects from a business analyst. You'll learn what to deliver in that role and how to achieve that. 

You don't need to be a business analyst to try practitioner training. Surrounding roles on an Agile project (project management, change management, or a senior stakeholder) can benefit from this course.

It will help you understand what a business analyst does and how they add value to an Agile project. 

Accredited Courses to Become a Fantastic IT Service Expert

If you work in an IT support role, is there a certification that will help you improve your customer service level? The answer is yes, and there is one relevant course to consider.

ITIL is the gold standard in IT service management certification. Organisations use the comprehensive ITIL framework in their IT service department. It helps tech teams serve their customers to the highest level.

The ITIL Foundation accreditation is a helpful introduction for those who work in the IT world and want to understand a bit more about how this framework operations.

This course is very advantageous if you work in an organisation that uses the ITIL service management approach.

Accredited Courses to Enhance Your Project Management Qualifications

There are hundreds of online courses available for project managers. But not all boast a prestigious accreditation.

Employers typically look for accredited online courses when training their project teams. Here are some accredited courses that should be top of your to-do list.

PRINCE2 Foundation

PRINCE2 is one of the most respected and established project management qualifications.

If you aren't a certified PRINCE2 project manager but want to learn about this framework, the foundation level course is the right one for you. 

You'll get an introduction to the framework and how to apply it to a project. You'll also understand how PRINCE2 fits within the broader organisation if it's the methodology of choice for that business. 

PRINCE2 Practitioner 

If you want to reach the pinnacle of certified project management using accredited business courses, PRINCE2 practitioner is an excellent route.

The practitioner syllabus is broad and detailed. It covers all aspects of the framework and is a step by step approach to using it within a project.

Large organisations frequently defer to PRINCE2. Often, companies specify a PRINCE2 practitioner qualification for all senior project management jobs.

The course finishes with a formal exam. Only those who pass the strict exam scores will receive the qualification.

Agile PM (Foundation)

Agile project management is on the rise, and nimble, fast-based high tech organisations favour it as their project management methodology because Agile sits so well within the complexities of technical software development. 

A foundation course will introduce you to Agile and how to apply Agile principles to managing a project.

It's a good option if you are looking for your first job in project management or work in a related field. It will help you understand how the management side of things works. 

Agile PM (Practitioner)

If you want to add another string to your project management bow, why not get certified as an Agile project management practitioner

The practitioner course covers everything you need to run a successful project within the Agile framework. You'll discover the terminology, methods, and tools to make the most of Agile.  

APMG International accredit this course, which means employers will recognise it as an official qualification.

As with the PRINCE2 practitioner, the course ends with a formal exam, which you have to pass to receive the formal qualification.  

Does the Course Need to Be Accredited? 

There are thousands of online courses to choose from on the internet. While many contain similar course syllabuses, some employers won't recognise them as official training if the official bodies do not accredit them.

What's more, if a course isn't accredited, you have no way of knowing how closely the course syllabus aligns with the correct framework you want to learn.

Enhance Your Business Skills and Boost Your Career

Don't sit and wait for an opportunity to appear with your career. Now is the chance to use accredited courses to get qualified in the most prominent frameworks in business.

Not only will these courses help you perform better in your current role. They will also give you an advantage when applying for future senior positions.

Browse through our complete list of accredited business courses to get more information about what we cover in each training package. Then it's down to you to decide which direction to take your flourishing career. 

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