The Role of Agile Business Analyst

The Role of Agile Business Analyst

The Agile methodology is very useful in the field of Business Analysis. Read on to find out why. 

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Agile is a term that we get more and more familiar with as we see Agile methodology breaking through various business layers and securing a permanent place in many of them. Recently, it has become a very useful approach not only in Project Management or Software Development but also in Business Analysis. Getting AgileBA certification is a welcome advantage in the field of business and labor market. Why is it so important? 

Let’s start at the beginning. What is agile? 

Agile is basically a methodology that makes team performance easier. The teams use an agile approach to make their work simple, organized and less stressful. Agile management's main assumption is to keep the results monitored and assessed so that the team is able to react to changes quickly, which has an impact on the final outcome of the project. 

Agile Business Analyst 

This term defines a Business Analyst who works in an Agile environment. Not so long ago, Business Analysts were rarely associated with the Agile projects, nowadays it is a very common situation and Agile teams often require a Business Analyst to be on board.

Why is a Business Analyst needed in an Agile team? 

Agile Business Analysts can make a big difference to both the product and the team, while their main responsibility is to facilitate the work of the team and eliminate all the problems that arise along the way. They are involved in the improvement of business processes - they take part in business talks and help to maintain the quality of the product.

AgileBA works with the entire team, but is directly associated with the Product Owner, assisting them in all decision-making processes. The PO prioritizes the requirements, BA supports PO in the analysis, thanks to which they can together ensure that the project works efficiently and without failure.

Analyzing is the key

Thanks to a well-conducted analysis, Agile Business Analyst helps the team understand the issues that need to be solved. The main assumptions to be discussed are:

What business processes should be revised or maybe eliminated? 

What business processes need improvement? 

Such questions are very helpful in business analysis, helping to reduce the risk of failure, which has an impact on the overall result of the product. The analysis and solution finding is in the hands of Agile Business Analyst. 

Business Analyst / Coach?

Business Analysts play an important role in the team as they are practically interacting with everyone. Sometimes they even provide coaching for their colleagues with the aim of facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing. Such activities can be essential to the product and determine its success. It also increases the ties between colleagues, which can enhance team spirit and is evident in the results of the team's work.

What does AgileBA bring to the Agile team?

The main goal of Agile Business Analyst is to increase business value through simple problem solving. Thanks to their presence, software developers can focus on creating pieces of software, while AgileBA focuses on problems that arise along the way and those that may arise in the future and works out a way to stop or avoid them. 

As we can see, the Business Analyst is a much needed role in the Agile approach. They help Agile teams avoid any unwanted problems or inconvenience, and the BA is there to help them. Explore our AgileBA courses and learn how to introduce Agile to Business Analysis. 

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