How to Choose Online Courses for Corporate Training

How to Choose Online Courses for Corporate Training

Finding the right classes for improving your corporation requires knowing your options. This guide explains how to choose online courses for corporate training.

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Online learning continues to grow in demand, with a projected 98% of corporations planning to use it for their corporate training courses. 

There are many benefits of online learning in different sectors. The past year has shown how important it is that educational providers also set up online options for classes. 

But with so many courses available, how do you choose online courses for corporate training? Not all are created equal, after all. And with the e-learning market expected to reach $325 billion in worth by 2025, you need to know how to find credible courses. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to choose online courses for corporate training. 

Benefits of Online Learning

There are many reasons why you should invest in corporate training courses online. One of the main benefits of online learning is the reduced costs and planning for corporations. You do not have to worry about finding facilitators and a training location.

It also allows employees to access their training whenever they need it, thanks to the quick access to training content. And when employees feel supported and engaged, it also increases your revenue. It is not inconvenient for them either, and they can easily absorb all the information.  

Types of Training Online

There are also different types of training online to know. For example, employees can access web eLearning at any time using an internet connection. Usually, it involves multimedia and is interactive to keep employees engaged.

There are also virtual classroom-style types of training online, which are usually live without recording. They can be private with just your company or on a larger scale. 

An instructor is present, so participants can ask questions and interact, while still getting a live learning experience. Usually, there are set periods for these courses, but sometimes they also include a web eLearning element. 

Other courses include video modules and microlearning when a module focuses on a specific topic each time. 

How to Choose Online Courses

So once you commit to incorporating online classes into your training program, how do you find the right course and online course provider? Consider the following factors to pick the best courses for your corporation. 

Set Your Goals and Needs 

Before you get lost in the online courses world, set clear learning goals that you want to achieve. Do you want a course for onboarding? Or to train for a specific skill and certification?

Also, consider your expectations. If you need employees to train in a specific skill as soon as possible, it makes sense to choose a live course over a set number of days. Check out this Change Management foundation course as an example, which is over two days. 

Topics Covered by Course

When you are comparing online courses, check what topics the course covers. The best place to start is to look at the course or module breakdown.

You might find that one online course covers more essential information to prepare for specific qualifications, or another covers unnecessary topics employees do not need to know.

Also, check whether the online course provider offers more advanced courses for the topic area if employees need further training in the future. 

Options for Classes

When you choose online classes, you want to make sure they fit in with employee scheduling. Some corporations may want a flexible type of training so that employees can go at their own pace. Or you might want to keep track of training hours in your corporation, which would mean picking courses with set dates. 

You can also check which type of training is best to learn specific skills, such as Agile Software Development.  Other factors include whether the training is recorded if it is private or with more trainees from other corporations, and whether there is a certificate at the end. 

Level of Support

Will your employees have questions about the course? Do some struggle with technical limitations? 

When you choose online courses, check what support is on offer for trainees. For example, virtual classroom-style training has an instructor and other trainees. Employees can ask questions whenever they want and feel motivated because they are not alone in training. 

Plus, when they have guidance, it also helps them navigate technology better in general, which is excellent for your business

Sometimes web eLearning is not helpful for employees who struggle navigating online platforms. Or maybe they want feedback and have questions to ask. Some corporations' courses are for certifications, so the class must have a good level of support for your employee.  

Online Course Provider Reputation 

The term eLearning has been around since 1999, and computer-based education has been around since the 1960s. However, it has come a long way since then. Now there is more than one online course provider to choose from. 

It is essential to check the online course provider reputation. You want a high-quality course that they made with experience and knowledge of the field. You do not want to end up with poor content that will not serve your employees well. 

The best place to start is to check independent online reviews for courses. You can also read about the online course provider to check if they have a good reputation. Another indicator is how many students they have had. 

Check what past clients and corporations have used their service. An online course provider should be able to show you evidence of pass rates with their students.

Advised Skills has an exam pass rate of 98.99% and over 6000 graduates. We have worked with corporations such a Allianz, HSBC, Volvo, and Coca-Cola. 

Choose Online Courses

It can be overwhelming when you first research the eLearning world, but now you know how to choose online courses successfully. There are many reasons to pick online courses for your corporation, and your whole corporation will reap the benefits.

Advised Skills offers online learning, training, and technical skills in a range of subjects. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and how we can support your corporate training. 

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