• Release Management - Planning, Scheduling, Control, Testing, Deployment

    In the modern, swiftly evolving tech landscape, businesses are constantly seeking methodologies that ensure both efficiency and excellence in software delivery. Step in Agile Release Management (ARM) - an approach tailored to facilitate smooth software rollouts without compromising on product quality. With the ever-changing nature of businesses, ARM's significance in the realm of continuous delivery is increasingly underscored.

  • Lean and Agile

    The modern business landscape is dynamic, requiring organizations to adapt quickly to the ever-evolving demands of the market. Amid this landscape, two methodologies have emerged as leaders: Agile and Lean. Combining Lean thinking with Agile practices can bring bigger improvements for organizations. Let's delve deeper into how you can integrate Lean principles into your Agile framework to derive maximum benefits.

  • Lean IT

    In today's fast-paced digital age, agility and efficiency have become the pillars of successful IT management. Amidst this backdrop, Lean IT, rooted in the principles of Lean Manufacturing, is forging the way forward. By focusing on waste reduction and value maximization, Lean IT offers a robust framework for IT service transformation.

  • Professional Scrum Master

    Scrum is a flexible, holistic approach that helps teams work together. A scrum team works on a product in small increments, with constant feedback and incremental improvements. This framework is ideal for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements. However, to utilize Scrum to its fullest potential, proper training and understanding of its fundamentals are crucial.

  • Risk Management

    In the relentless and dynamic terrain of today's business world, risks are inevitable. It's not about whether your organization will face risks—it's about when and how well you are prepared to handle them. In such a scenario, understanding and managing potential risks become non-negotiable for organizations aiming to stand firm amidst unpredictability. This is where the Management of Risk (MoR) framework comes into play.

  • ArchiMate: An Enterprise Architecture Modeling Tool

    The digital revolution has shaped the world in unprecedented ways, accelerating innovation and complexity in every sector. In such a dynamic environment, businesses need to maintain clarity, coherence, and alignment of their business processes, systems, and goals. Here is where enterprise architecture (EA) steps in, ensuring that businesses strategically align their IT landscape with business operations. To this end, the tool named ArchiMate has proven particularly useful.

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Advised Skills Extends Global Invitation to Potential Training Partners to Join its Growing Network

Advised Skills is excited to extend a global invitation to training providers, educational institutions, and corporate trainers to join its growing network of Channel Partners. This learning platform offers professional training courses in sought-after fields to professionals worldwide. This initiative equips professionals with the skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic job market.


NewsApril 12, 2024

How to Pass the PMI CAPM Exam

How to Pass the PMI CAPM Exam: The Ultimate Guide to Success

Are you considering taking the PMI CAPM exam? As a highly renowned and globally recognized certification in project management, passing this exam can open doors to numerous career opportunities. However, with a pass rate of only 60%, it can seem daunting and overwhelming. But fear not, as this ultimate guide is here to help you achieve success. Through years of experience and research, we have compiled the most effective strategies and tips to help you pass the PMI CAPM exam with flying colors.


NewsApril 10, 2024

Power of Agile Transformation

Unlock Efficiency: The Power of Agile Transformation in Your Organization

Are you tired of seeing projects and processes in your organization take weeks or even months to complete? Do you want to increase productivity and adapt to rapidly changing market demands? Look no further than the power of Agile transformation. This innovative approach to project management has revolutionized the way organizations operate, allowing them to unlock efficiency and thrive in the modern business landscape.


NewsApril 09, 2024

Transform Your Skills

The Importance of Live Instructors: Enhancing Learning Through Practical Training Courses

Welcome to the world of practical training courses, where live instructors play a crucial role in enhancing the learning experience. In today's fast-paced digital age, with an abundance of online resources and self-paced courses, the presence of live instructors may seem less significant.


NewsApril 04, 2024

Advanced Strategies for Scrum Product Owners

Optimizing Value Delivery: Advanced Strategies for Scrum Product Owners

Unlocking the full potential of a Scrum team and successfully driving product development is no easy feat. As a Product Owner, it is your responsibility to not only create a vision for the product but also ensure its efficient delivery to customers. However, with constantly evolving markets and changing consumer needs, traditional practices may not be enough to maximize value delivery.


NewsApril 02, 2024

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