Conditions de Livraison


§ 1.

  1. The company Advised Skills shall be the organizer of the training services.
  2. Advised Skills undertakes to conduct for the Ordering Party training workshops in the scope defined in the form of order.
  3. Change of the scope of training workshops and the schedule shall require a written form otherwise shall be null or void.
  4. The basis of participation in the training is:
    1. sending a completed form of order by means of the website;
    2. timely settlement of payments, referred to in §2.

§ 2.

  1. In exchange for conducting the training, Advised Skills shall be entitled to the fee defined in the order.
  2. The fee shall be paid prior to the realization of the training.
  3. Training materials and examination vouchers shall not be made available to the Ordering Party, until it has performed payments of all fees connected with the order.

§ 3.

  1. The obligations of Advised Skills include:
    1. providing qualified specialist to conduct training workshops;
    2. conducting the training course according to the ordered training programme;
    3. making available the rooms in the scope necessary to conduct training workshops.
  2. Advised Skills shall bear no responsibility for the attendance of the participants in the training indicated by the Ordering Party. Specialist of Advised Skills shall conduct training workshops in accordance with the programme irrespective of the attendance of the participants indicated in the order. Absence at the training of all or part of participants does not constitute the basis to decrease the remuneration of Advised Skills or conduct additional training workshops free of charge for absent persons, if the specialist was ready to conduct the training on the agreed date.

§ 4. Copyright

  1. All materials and scripts made available by Advised Skills within the framework of the realization of the training workshops are located at the exclusive discretion of Advised Skills and shall be subject to protection on the basis of the provisions of intellectual property. Consequently, the Ordering Party undertakes not to perform any activities listed below:
    1. modification, adaptation, change, combining or translation of materials or creation of derivative works on their basis;
    2. renting, sale or transfer of training materials in other form to any third party;
    3. copying or any reproducing materials without a written consent of Advised Skills.

§ 5.

  1. The Ordering Party shall be entitled to resign from participation in the ordered training course without incurring any costs arising from it within 48 hours of registration. If the resignation takes place in the period later than 48 hours of registration, the Ordering Party shall be obliged to incur 100% of the costs defined in the order. Resignation from participation in the ordered training course shall require a written form by a registered mail to Advised Skills indicated in the regulations, par. 8 point 1. All cancellations will incur a 5% deduction in the refunded amount due to transactional costs applicable while refunding.
  2. The Ordering Party may change the date of training for an alternative one available at the website and confirmed by the Advised Skills, not later than 21 working days before the day of its commencement. If this is the case, the Ordering Party shall be obliged to cover all costs and expenses incurred by Advised Skills for the service provision and related to the Advised Skills's preparation to provide a training services.
  3. The information on recalling the training course shall require a written form and should be directed to the address of the company Advised Skills indicated in the regulation, par. 8 point 1.
  4. The Ordering Party shall be entitled to indicate another person for the participant reported in the order. In such a case, the Ordering Party shall notify the company Advised Skills thereof by e-mail to the address Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..
  5. The representative of the Ordering Party listed in the submitted order shall be entitled to recall or change the dates of training course.

§ 6.

  1. Advised Skills shall reserve the right to change the date of the training without giving the reason for it.
  2. Advised Skills shall reserve the right to change the specialist without giving the reason both before and during the training.

§ 7.

  1. The Ordering Party shall have the right to place the complaints concerning the training services within seven working days of completing the training.
  2. Complaints as to the training services shall require a written form by a registered mail to Advised Skills indicated in the regulations, par. 8 point 1, at the latest within seven working days of completing the training.
  3. Complaint report should contain:
    1. name/surname/name of the Ordering Party;
    2. address of the seat/residence of the Ordering Party;
    3. subject of the complaint (name of the service, date and place of realization etc.);
    4. contents and formal justification of the complaint;
    5. expectations of the Ordering Party towards Advised Skills.
  4. Advised Skills will investigate the submitted complaints. Submitted complaints will be considered not later than within fourteen working days counted from the day of obtaining information on the irregularity by Advised Skills and in cases which require additional explanatory activities, time for resolving the complaints may be extended.
  5. The Ordering Party submitting the complaint will receive a response based on the investigation within 14 working days of receipt of the complaint. If this is not possible then a letter must be sent explaining why.
  6. If the Ordering Party is not satisfied with the decision above and with the way we handled the complaint, the Ordering Party can appeal the outcome.
  7. Advised Skills will consider the appeal and may wish to conduct further interviews or check the evidence. Advised Skills will respond within 14 days in writing. This decision will be final.
  8. The Ordering Party has the right to forward the complaint to the Regulatory Authorities if the Ordering Party has not received any feedback, the Ordering Party does not agree with the final decision or the Ordering Party believes that has been treated unfairly throughout the process.
  9. Advised Skills shall reserve the right to abandon the complaint without consideration, if the complaint is submitted after exceeding the date, referred to in par. 7 point 1 or, if it results from the ignorance of the provisions of the terms and conditions.

§ 8.

  1. All notices, requests, demands and other communications which may be required or permitted to be given to Advised Skills under this Terms of Delivery shall be deemed sufficient if sent by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid to the following address: Advised Skills Limited, 2c Grangegorman Lower, Smithfield, Dublin 7, Ireland.
  2. The terms and conditions shall apply from 1st of April, 2021 until its recalling or announcing changes by Advised Skills.

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