The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Resilience and RESILIA Training Courses

Have you heard of cyber resilience and want to know more about RESILIA training courses? Keep reading and learn more here.

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Did you know that almost 90% of UK companies experienced a data breach in 2020? As the world pushes towards improved technology and work-from-home capabilities, many companies struggle to upgrade security measures.

Cyber resilience is a crucial feature of the success of a company. Cyberattacks, data breaches, and even a pandemic can cost a company thousands, if not millions, of pounds. Ultimately, these high costs can put a company entirely out of business.

Are you interested in learning more about training courses that can help improve your cybersecurity? If so, keep reading on and learn more about how RESILIA training courses can help your company's success.

What Is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber resilience is a business or company's ability to address cyberattacks or threats. In today's tech-savvy world, an organisation must be ready for cyber attacks. This includes preparing, recovering, or directly responding to the attack.

However, cyber resilience can also mean much more than responding to a direct cyberattack. It also includes general cyber events that cause adverse outcomes. Financial crises and recent pandemics are some examples of this.

Any events that negatively impact a company's ability to do work, such as improper software updates, failed IT systems, or malware attacks, can be detrimental. How a company responds and recovers can differentiate between a successful and failed organisation.

Knowledge in this area can also help keep personal information of yourself, your employees, and the organisation safe. Basic examples of a cyber-resilient company include application and software backups.

It can also include multiple recovery options.

Cyber Resilience Framework

What is needed for cyber security resilience? While up-to-date technology can help an organisation succeed against data breaches and cyberattacks, it is much more than that.

For starters - it includes properly training employees and staff members. There are five main pillars a successful cyber resilient framework should consist of:

  • Identifying
  • Protecting
  • Detecting
  • Responding
  • Properly recovering

First, the organisation must identify what areas could be at risk. This may include software, databases, IT systems, and more. Being aware of any potential risks can make you more aware and quicker to respond.

Next, once you have identified areas of risk, you can actively work at protecting these aspects. At this step, you might add security measures or anti-viral software. It may also mean backing up databases and implementing recovery plans.

Detection is one of the most important steps. If you do not have skilled staff members that can quickly detect suspicious activity or blatant attacks, you could lose critical information or end up paying exorbitant amounts of money.

Along with detection, you need a quick and proper response to a suspected attack or breach. Finally, recovery is essential for ensuring your business runs smoothly and avoids detrimental losses.

Cyber Resilience Components

You can add a couple of components to make a company, software, or database more cyber secure. First, you can always hire outside help who has expertise in this field.

Hiring help may work as an intermediate plan, but it still pays dividends to have the knowledge and skillset on hand. Plus, it can become a more costly solution if you constantly hire someone else.

The next step includes looking internally at solutions. What this entails is cultivating a new culture that focuses on cyber resilience. Education and training are critical components of internal changes.

You might also look towards changes in policies and more frequent security meetings.

Training Courses

A RESILIA training course can give you and your employees the necessary training for improving your cyber security. RESILIA is an online training course that focuses on cyber resilience. It provides training and education on adding systems and processes that improve your framework while teaching skills that improve a person's ability to recognise and respond to a cyberattack.

It works well with any business due to its comprehensive yet generalised approach. Even foundational courses can give users a broad knowledge base of security threats and how a cyber-resilient framework can help a company succeed.

Rather than offering significant changes to a company, RESILIA helps complement a variety of industries and business models. Some things that the RESILIA Foundation course emphasises are:

  • Risk management
  • Strategy
  • Operation
  • CSI
  • Design

Who can benefit from this course? Managers and IT employees are two areas that greatly benefit from RESILIA courses. However, other team members that should take these courses to help the company are:

  • Project leaders
  • Sponsors
  • Project members
  • Project coordinators

Usually, these courses are only a couple of days and give your team a good foundation. It also teaches key terms and cyber languages to make team members more aware of cyber threats or attacks.

Resilience vs Cybersecurity

Cyber resilience can become entangled with cybersecurity. The two terms are closely related, but cybersecurity is a component of cyber resilience.

Implementing cybersecurity and heightened awareness improve a company's overall resilience to threats. An example of cybersecurity is backing up a network. In return, this helps recovery time if there is a data breach or a software crash.

Keeping a business up and running despite breaches in security or crashes gives an overall sense of how well a company's cyber resilience is.

Cyber Protection

By now, you should hopefully recognise how important cyber resilience is for a company. RESILIA is an essential tool and training course that all employees and managers should complete.

It can provide the knowledge and skillset of implementing a framework that protects your company from outside attacks and hackers. Our company offers two different RESILIA online courses that can help give employers and employees the capabilities of combating cyberattacks.

Check out our website and courses for more information!

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